Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan earthquake & tsunami

A picture of the 2004 tsunami in Ao Nang, Krab...Image via WikipediaI am very saddened by the news out of Japan. I've visited it often and always enjoyed my time there. I even experienced an earthquake there several years ago. What's astonishing about the destruction is that Japan is more prepared for earthquakes and tsunamis than anywhere else in the world. Their warning systems and disaster drills are very thorough and Japan has some of the best tsunami experts.
After the quake, we had the tsunami warning on Guam. I was staying by the coast and so I participated in the evacuations we had here. I learned a lot about tsunamis when I developed the Tsunami Warning activity for Real World Math so I knew there was a potential for destruction across the Pacific. Tsunami Warning is a measurement lesson where students examine the 2004 Indian Ocean disaster and calculate the speed of tsunami waves. As I developed that activity I scoured the Internet for tsunami information and photos. If you want to address the Japan disaster and educate your students on tsunamis, then I recommend you take a look at that lesson.
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