Monday, August 1, 2011

New school year...

Back to SchoolImage via WikipediaHope your summer was restful and you are ready to start a new school year.  Although I haven't posted any new lessons for a while, it doesn't mean that I haven't kept myself busy.  I've had a number of projects I've been working on in the past months but I'm eager to add some fresh content to the site.  I'll insert my usual plea for lesson suggestions here.  Please email if you have something you'd like to see on the site (

Truth be told, I have a large PBL activity that I'm currently working on; I'm still researching and collecting resources.  Once I get over the hump of obstacles, the work will go much more quickly.  I have a few ideas for Primary age lessons and I'd like to get to Mars this year.  I'd like to add a Problem of the Day feature; I've been collecting material for that throughout the summer.  So try out the lessons that are available and keep an eye out for new content coming this year.  Announcements are also made via Twitter (

If you are just getting your feet wet with Real World Math lessons or if you have a new group of students that will be using Google Earth for the first time, then I will direct you to a previous post: Back to School.  You'll find some tips and suggestions on which RWM lessons to use to start out the year.

Finally, I've created an contact page (  This should make it easy for you to recommend RealWorldMath to other teachers - so why don't you?

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