Sunday, February 3, 2013

What's your moonshot?

R Is for Rocket
The folks at Google have done it again, releasing a sharp video entitled Moonshot Thinking.  The inspirational video consists of a number of people speaking about our history of out of the box thinking and where it has gotten us.  The title refers to the type of audacious thinking such as believing that we could actually land a man on the moon - a truly remarkable feat when you consider that it came just 60 years after the release of the Model T.

This video also seems to be Google's announcement of the Solve for X project.  Solve for X began at a Google event a year ago when "forty-six scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world came together to discuss and debate radical solutions using breakthrough technologies to some really big problems."  The group is supported by Google. Their website has a definite TED-like feel to it, with a number of videos presenting moonshot thinking.  I'm sure Google detractors will view this as a rip-off, but I like the focus of the site.

To have moonshot thinking, they say, is not to look for 10% improvements, but to strive for achievements that advance us tenfold.  Now, if you've followed this blog at all, you've probably detected a twinge of my dismay over our present educational system.  I'm not camping in a tent on Arne Duncan's lawn but you could put me in with the Occupy Education crowd.  I'm a fan of Diane Ravitch, Will Richardson, Lee Crockett, Sir Ken Robinson, and other big thinkers so you can imagine where I'm heading.  My moonshot thinking is that we completely overhaul how we educate children.  Wait, I supposed to back this up with something?  Is that how this works?    I guess before I assemble my team I'll delve into the Solve for X site more to find my inspiration.  I encourage you to do the same.

What's your moonshot?  

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