Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Eagle has landed...

I'm happy to announce the addition of some lunar content to RealWorldMath.org. A new branch of lessons will be devoted to Space. Lunar Fieldtrip is a tour of the moon created in collaboration with Pam Eastlick from the University of Guam Planetarium. The activity is meant as an introduction to the Google Earth's Moon add-on. On Google's Moon, you can take tours of Apollo landing sites, view 3D models of landed spacecraft, watch video footage of Apollo missions, and browse content in an assortment of placemarks.

Lunar Field Trip
takes the viewer on a futuristic field trip hosted by several high school students from the class of 2040. The students narrate the tour in a series of videos starting at their lunar base and continues through peaks, craters, and Apollo landing sites. 3D SketchUp models of futuristic Armstrong City, Lunar Stadium, and more are included in the Kmz download. It's hard to say whom the targeted audience for this activity is for since many persons, young and old, have become unfamiliar with the lunar missions of the past. This may work best in a Science classroom but lessons extensions for Math, Geography, or English can come from this. For now, I have two spin-off lessons from the Field Trip in the works: Lunar Sports and Rockets.

Google has enhanced the Google Earth platform with add-ons for the Sky, Moon, Mars, and Oceans. I expect RealWorldMath.org will be touching down on all of these areas in the future.

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