Friday, June 15, 2012

Design Learning Experiences with Google Earth

Ever wanted to create a lesson for your students using Google Earth?  That's the subject of my PD in your PJ's presentation this weekend.  Mine is just one session of many being brought to you by the guys from The State of Tech.  The entire conference is being held as a series of Google+ On Air Hangouts.  You can choose to participate in the live presentation or just watch it as a spectator.  Fill out this form if you want interact and ask questions live during my event.  I'll be sharing a lot of information from basic to advanced with you, but I hope to have a lot of time for Q&A.  If you're interested in using Google Earth next school year, then now's the best time to start your PD.  I hope you can join me.

June 16 @ 4pm EST join my Hangout on Google+

Session Description:
 Go beyond the virtual tours and utilize Google Earth to its fullest potential.  This presentation will give you tips on how to design learning experiences with Google Earth.  You'll learn how to add and format your own lesson content, how to use Google Earth's tools, how to share your work with students, and lots of simple ways to make your work shine.  Make Google Earth the learning environment your students crave.

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