Monday, September 29, 2008

Sail the Seven Seas

Lorraine from Classroom 2.0 has suggested an interesting web activity for students.

On the ninth of November, 30 skippers from seven different countries will embark on an epic singlehanded voyage around the world. Skipper Rich Wilson will be the only US sailor in this race. One of his primary purposes of his voyage will be to connect with students and teachers around the world to share this learning experience with them via his website where he will post blog entries, photos and videos I have followed Rich on 3 of his previous voyages with my students. The energy and excitement of coming 'on board' for the race has been an incredible learning experience for my students and me. Vincent Mespoulet has set up a Ning so that teachers can join and follow this voyage from across the planet. I invite you to join the Ning and share in the excitement of the Vendee Globe with our teacher at sea, and students and teachers across the globe.

This event would work nicely with Google Earth. Consider having students plot the skipper's course as he sails around the world!

Skipper Rich Wilson

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Norman Babia said...

This is an exciting and interesting class activity. With this, students can really appreciate math and technology applications.